Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Few From the Trail

 The story on the above photo is....I was in the area where they found the Mt Lion kill, and was looking around more than usual and spotted that thing sitting on the horizon looking down on me. I could not tell what it was because my eyes aren't that good, but it looked possibly cat like...and I knew if I zoomed in I could see it clearly when I got home and uploaded. It was a stump. : )

 Tall, dry, scratchy sticks of grass lining the single track.

 Above, coming down Dusty trail, which, sadly, was not that dusty. It's usually inches deep, but I think most the dust has blown off.
 Above, my final climb up and over to Borges Ranch. I waited for the horses to come down, enjoyed the shade for a minute.

Me and my Emma at the movies. We took the kids to see the Horrible, Terrible, Very Bad Day movie (that's not exactly the right name, but close enough). It was pretty funny, Brian was hysterical the whole time.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Do You See What I See?

I would love to know what he was thinking....did he think he was hidden?? Did he think "oh, there's a yellow and red bush, I'll hide behind that. Now I just need to be really still and not move....I hope she can't see my antlers."
This reminded me of Myles hiding under a home made tent, but his feet were sticking out.
Anyhow, grateful yet again for nature providing me a great picture and a moment to just stop and watch and ponder the scene.  He sure is a pretty buck, and he was with his lady again, just like when I saw them leaving the watering hole last week. Hopefully I'll catch a glimps of the two of them from time to time now that I know where they like to hang out.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Boot Love Random Facts

1.When my feet aren't in my Hoka's, they are in one of these pairs of boots.
2. I spent $160 re-soling one of these pairs of boots, and they were less than a year old. Not because they aren't good boots. They are top o the line. I just wore them out wearing them everyday.
3. Boots look uncomfortable, but once broken in, they feel like slippers.
4. I love the sound boots make when I'm walking.
5. I love that my room, and sometimes the entire house, smells like leather. 
6. The above  picture was taken in our bedroom, not posed, that's just where my boots always live.
7. When I walk in my room and see them, it makes me smile. Numerous times, everyday. 
8. Brands, from left to right: Ariat, Justin, Eight Second Angel, Corral.
9. I don't have a favorite boot, or brand.  All 4 I have are super comfortable.
10. You are looking at a variety of boot toe types up there. There are snip toe, pointed toe, and square toed boots.  If you ever go boot shopping, it helps to know there are different types of toes.
11. You are looking at 3 different shaft heights. 15 inch, 13 inch, and 12 inch.

That's all I got for ya on boots. Mine have just been making me extra happy lately, so I thought I'd share.

Back to running on Monday. 
Hope you are all having a super weekend!!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Dropshots Upload

I uploaded about 400 pictures to the photo site, here.
Some you've seen on the blog, most you haven't.
Not sure who uses the photo site still, but every now and then I dump everything over there to keep those who want to keep up in the know.
So those who want, pour a big cup of coffee and sit for a spell and take a gander.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Trail Runners Rewards

I get paid back in beautiful scenes, and beautiful animals on a regular basis. 
Here's a few from this week-

 Can you see his nice rack? I saw him again today and have a few more shots in my camera still. He's a handsome buck!

 One of the only watering holes around. This is where the deer where coming up from.
 Every time I think the season is over, I see another one!

 By far, one of those sections of trail that always stun me when I look up.  It's not my favorite to run, but it's so pretty that I love it.

 Below-even when I'm having a poopy run and decide to end it early....I never feel like it was a waste of time or effort....there's always some sort of pay off that makes it worth it. This was Tuesday. Brian and I had a meeting at the school, and then around 11 we headed out for a run.  Well, it was too late in the day for me because it's already really hot by 11, so I did 1.5, sat and cooled down, and did another 1.5.  And I'm still not totally sure what it is I saw.....
 I saw something short, fuzzy, and fairly filled out. About knee high. It was not mangy looking like a coyote, nor as thin as they normally are. And it had a bobbed tail.  It's body and the way it moved was different from any coyote I have seen, and I've seen a good number through this canyon over the years.  So, of course I ran to catch up to it.  It wasn't afraid, nor confrontational. It would stop and look at me, then walk a little, then stop and look.  Below, it's walking down the trail.
 The body looked more cat like to me, while the face was pointy like a coyote. So, the rational part of me says it's a nice, fuzzy, young coyote with a bobbed tail.
 And then the other part of me says....maybe it does look more cat like???
 Here it looks like a huge fox w/o the bushy tail.
 Then again.....cattish???
 I'm still not sure what I saw, but it was something to see it and try to figure it out as I'm following it along the trail.  We were equally curious about each other, but not afraid of each other. That was Tuesday. Here's what I learned today....At the bottom of that canyon, right at the dam when you are first running out of Castle rock and the trail splits, the Rangers found a Mt. Lion kill last week. They have not spotted the Mt Lion, but found the remains of it's kill. I learned this because some dude on a bike w/no pack or water or gear of any kind told me I should not be out there because there's a Mt. Lion in the area and I should be more careful.  Dude....where's your pack w/emergency gear?? Cuz I've got mine on. You should probably be more careful. : ) I stopped and talked to the rangers this morning for a while about it and got the info I needed....and kept running. For the record, I've seen a real, live, in nature, Mt. Lion.  What I saw Tuesday was not a Mt. Lion.  I think its a new, California hybrid.  Bobyote.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sometimes...for no reason....

We get packages.
Unexpected packages.
When was the last time someone sent you a gift, or a card, when it wasn't a holiday, or birthday, or anniversary?
I am terrible about doing this, and could greatly improve.
Because, let me tell ya....its pretty cool to get things in the mail when you aren't expecting it!  The house is instantly filled with excitement, squeals, jumping up and down, and giddiness.  Then thankfulness. It means so much when someone randomly does something kind.  For the kids, knowing that someone hundreds of miles away thought of them and took the effort to send them something always surprises them.
I hope they never get used to it, and always realize how special it is when someone does that.  I'm not going to explain these items, although I know some may look random, they all are perfect for the person they were sent to for one reason or another.
Here's a few pictures from the past few weeks/months of the joy it brings our house when these random things arrive : )

Three things -
#1. Not pictured, but for the past few months I've been getting a generous Starbucks Gift Card in the mail that brings such a smile to my face, and to those who benefit from it! I don't expect to see it, but when it comes, it makes me happy!

#2. Thank You,  package sender!!

#3. How about we all set a small goal to get a little old fashioned? I know I have so much room for improvement, and it's a personal goal of mine, too.....but how bout we all take a second and drop something in the mail? I know we all think about each other often, daily.  But it's so easy to give someone just a tiny bit of joy to open the mail and see something unexpected.  It doesn't have to cost any more than a stamp. Even just a "hi, miss you! Think about you often" poorly written on a scrap piece of paper can put a smile on a face of someone who's not expecting it. 
: )

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Anniversary Weekend-2

 Sunday afternoon, we headed into the city to do some things the kids had wanted to do. Starting with Fort Point. Fort Point is underneath the Golden Gate Bridge on the San Fran end. It's free, and the kids love to explore all the dark rooms and stairways.  Above is the view from the parking lot.

 Myles is not a fan of all the dark nooks and crannies and was attached to one of us for most of the time.

 From there we headed to Pier 39.  We are used to going at off times since we live here. It's not usually crowded when we go. However, it was super crowded last weekend and we were all feeling a little claustrophobic and irritated by all the invasions of our personal space.  We lasted for as long as we could, made sure all 3 kids got to do whatever it is they had been looking forward to, and escaped as quickly as possible.
 Myles scored a hat, and he and Sophie rode the carousel.

 Emma did some shopping, and then Myles and Em scored some cotton candy.

 Then we walked back down to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner, this was the kids choice.

 Above is Sophie dancing with the staff, which happens every 30 minutes or so.
 We were treated to this amazing view while walking to the car after dinner.

 Next, we drove to Swenson's Ice cream parlor, but it was a tiny closet of a shop, full of people, and we were pretty done with people, so instead we took the kids down Lombard.

From there we drove home but stopped at Target on the way. Everyone got new pj's and ice cream sundae fixings. We went home and snuggled in and watched the bull riding on TV with the kids that Brian and I had gone to the night before.
It was a great weekend!!!